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Sustainable Business & ESG Advisory Practice

responsible business

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  • Why is it important?
    Open graph image future thinking

    Why is it important?

    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulations are on the rise globally and calls for greater transparency and disclosure are getting louder. Expectations from society for companies to mitigate their adverse environmental impacts are growing, and the need to show long-term value creation has never been greater.
  • How can we help?
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    How can we help?

    Businesses need to take action now to prepare for the spotlight’s glare. Our brilliant team of multi-disciplinary advisors is ready to help you optimise the impact of your sustainable business strategy and enable your risk mitigation actions to unlock business performance. As trusted advisors, we offer independent assessments to business leaders on their end-to-end sustainable business strategy and action plans to mitigate business risk and optimise performance.
  • Why act now?
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    Why act now?

    A perfect storm is brewing. Increasing regulatory scrutiny, ever-present economic volatility and higher stakeholder demands are challenging the status-quo of business. The ‘social licence to operate’ is emerging as an essential platform for business growth, long-term stability and prosperity. Human rights, climate change impact assessment and wider societal outcomes are examples of how the demand for sustainable business is forcing these factors higher up the board agenda.

    It takes time to plan and implement sustainability and ESG priorities effectively and robustly, and the sooner you begin the journey of change, the better the opportunity your business has to be ahead of the curve.
  • We 'walk the talk'
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    We 'walk the talk'

    ESG is core to our business strategy at DWF. We aspire to deliver consistently high ESG performance against the core pillars of the ESG strategy: Climate Action, Diversity & Inclusion, Empowering our Colleagues and Communities, and Connecting and Supporting our Clients. As an inaugural signatory of the Legal Charter 1.5 we are collectively working with our peers in the legal sector to address the climate crisis.

About our unique approach

We have a proven ‘top-down, bottom-up’ approach that drives the business process, systems and behavioural shifts needed for long-term transformational change and prioritises the critical roles of corporate governance and leadership.

Based on our practical knowledge and experience, and working with global and market leading clients, we know that a successful sustainable business that meets and exceeds stakeholder expectations needs a programmatic, strategic and change management approach.

We place business goals, purpose and core values at the centre of the programme of change, and create opportunities for strategic growth and business transformation. This way, sustainability targets and long-term priorities are optimised. What makes us truly unique is the way we completely align our approach with this insight and deep expertise gained from other business transformations.

Using a blend of legal advice and consulting, the integrated approach outlined in the model above delivers advisory support for four key business priorities across multiple sectors.

These are essential to the successful integration and implementation of sustainable business and ESG strategies:

These four strategic priorities are amplified by applying the Leadership and Corporate Governance lens to their design and implementation that will result in an enhanced risk-resilient operating business model.

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