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Sustainable investing: how investors are looking for a positive outcome

13 September 2021

Over the last decade, the investment landscape has changed considerably. In our latest report, we explore how this has happened globally and how investors are looking for a positive outcome.


The value of an investment is no longer just about returns. An increasing number of investors are also calling for their money to make a positive impact on society and the world at large.

We delve into the key considerations and steps you need to take to integrate ESG into your company and ultimately support you to become more attractive to existing and future investors.

You will find a deep dive focus into the following areas:

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Sustainable investing

What is sustainable investing?

Sustainable investing, also known as ESG investing or socially responsible investing, is an investment philosophy  in which an investor strongly considers ESG factors before contributing money and resources to a particular company or venture.

The goal is to, whenever possible; use investment dollars to promote positive societal impact, corporate responsibility, and long-term financial return.

This is normally investments in companies that seek to combat climate change, environmental destruction, while promoting corporate responsibility.

Sustainable investing

Why is sustainable investing important?

Not so long ago, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues were only considered by a small group of ethically and socially responsible investors.

By 2020, the ESG market was to hit USD 1 trillion - it is now on track to hit USD 53 trillion by 2025 according to Bloomberg and will make up a third of all global assets under management (AUM.)

From these figures it is clear that ESG and other sustainable finance is becoming an integral part of investment management and is not about to change. Asset owners and investment managers are continually developing ways to incorporate ESG criteria into investment analysis and decision-making.

Sustainable investing

What do companies need to do to appeal to investors?

Investors want clear evidence based insight into how companies are tackling ESG therefore it is key that companies focus on the fundamental areas that matter most to their stakeholders rather than trying to tackle every aspect of ESG.

From our own understanding and the work we do with clients, we have provided some considerations you should think about to show investors you are serious about ESG.

Sustainable investing

Download the report to learn how to unlock the power of sustainable investing

Our purpose is to deliver positive outcomes with our colleagues, clients and communities.

As the only main market listed legal business we understand the important of transparency, disclosure and the level of interest from stakeholders in how ESG and sustainability is integrated and reported on. Therefore, we can work with clients to do the right thing and act with integrity to be able to support each other.

Download our report here today. If you have any questions about the report, please get in touch with any authors mentioned.