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Motorsport Insurance Claims

DWF's Claims Management and Adjusting team has a long standing reputation for being one of the most experienced teams supporting insurers with Motorsport claims. We have provided investigation and claims services to some of the largest organisations in international motorsport for over 15 years.

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Why work with our motorsport claims specialists?

Our clients include bodies of motorsport, governing associations (who organize international events under FIM and FIA licence), several large amateur motorsport organisations, a number of F1 teams, a number of international circuits and numerous karting event schemes. 

We assist insurers with claims stemming from Motorsport venues, organizing bodies and circuits. We have brought many of the leading cases in Motorsport to trial, including Wattleworth v Goodwood Road Racing Company & Ors, Green v Sunset & Vine Productions Ltd, British Automobile Racing Club Ltd and Goodwood Road Racing Ltd, Wells v Full Moon Events Ltd, an Clarke v John Kerwin (t/a Dirtbikeaction) to name a few. 

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How we can help you 

Our team of specialist motorsport handlers have extensive experience in investigating and handling motorsport insurance claims and large losses (in excess of £100,000). We have developed relationships with senior personnel in the industry and the legal profession, with a view to looking after motorsport, rather than simply dealing with its claims.  

We have extensive experience of investigating claims, not only in the English jurisdiction, but Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Europe, Canada and USA. The complexity of motorsport cases and their allegations of negligence require a legal knowledge far beyond the limited remit of event organisations and officiators.  

We offer one of the few dedicated, niche motorsport injury insurance practices in the market. Our team members have more experience in working in motorsport than any other Third Party Administrator, insurer or adjuster.  

We understand that denial ratings on certain insureds are incredibly high – and that increasing your defensibility ration is crucial. That's why we work hard to provide a complete suite of 'added extras' – for example seminars on how to defend more cases. By working with insurers we have been able to increase the number of denials issued.  

We work hard to maintain strong relationships with sport clients and governing bodies. We have established ourselves at the forefront of this industry, not only advising on claims but helping to campaign against and to shape the law.  

EvoClaim, our proprietary claims software, enables us to help underwriters to monitor their exposure, both in terms of reserves and payments on a claim by claim basis, and the performance of the classes of business for underwriting purposes.  

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