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The next chapter of Covid-19: What does it mean for employers?

05 April 2022

Our employment and regulatory law experts take a closer look at the new public health guidance for England in this recorded webinar.

With most nations having removed the legal requirements we are now having to live with Covid-19. While most are keen to return to 'normal' life, it raises many practical challenges and questions for employers to grapple with. Will the publication of the new public health guidance answer those questions? Will there be a clear road map allowing us to manage risk and do the right thing for our employees?  

In this webinar our employment and regulatory experts discuss the following to assess the implications for employers:

  • Should employees with Covid-19 have to tell their employer and can they be stopped from coming to work?  
  • What are the key considerations for employers when handling sickness absence going forward? 
  • How should employers handle employees who may be reluctant to return to the workplace? 
  • What part will testing play in the workplace going forward? 
  • How should employers conduct risk assessments in light of the latest guidance and removal of the express requirement to consider Covid-19?
  • What are the key takeaways for employers as we enter the next chapter of Covid-19?

Please note that the guidance relates to England only however the concepts discussed in the webinar will be relevant to the rest of the UK as restrictions are gradually eased.  



Key government guidance includes:

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