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An Introduction to Insights Discovery Summary

21 April 2022

In March 2022 DWF's Young Professionals Network launched the first of our quarterly YP Training sessions with Zing365's CEO, Fran Burgess. Zing365 are a commercial training business who became part of DWF in May 2021. 

This session aimed to help attendees understand their own and others' communication preferences using "insights discovery" to support individuals to connect better with their colleagues, to improve collaboration, and to help them overcome challenges and conflict by:

  • discovering more about themselves; 
  • learning how to recognise and appreciate others' differences;  
  • learn how to adapt behaviours to interact more effectively with others and;
  • reflect, take action & become more effective 

The event began by asking attendees to reflect on their personality traits, picking from a list which resonated with them the most and the least. From this, Fran discussed what each meant when working with people with the same or polar opposite energies. 

The first step to effective communication is recognising the other person's type or preference. Every time you meet someone, you have the opportunity to practice your skill of recognising and adapting to various different communication types, referred to as colour energies.

Using the standard 4 personality colours, Fran helped attendees better understand their own communication preferences and that of those around them. Using various techniques, Fran discussed the overlap in these colours and what type of communication and listening style resonated the most with each. 

Using a personal anecdote, Fran was able to show attendees how opposite types can clash and what impact this may may have in the workplace. In the situation, Fran sought the solution through acknowledging behaviour types and identifying the do's and don’ts of communicating effectively with each type.

The ultimate goal of this session was to improve collaboration between individuals and help them overcome challenges in the workplace. This was achieved by identifying each individual's personality type, what styles gel well with them, what their personal barriers of communication may be, and how to overcome these hurdles to reduce the adverse effects of these barriers, particularly within a professional environment.

By reflecting on the above, we can learn to communicate effectively by adapting our communication and listening techniques to the needs of the individuals we are trying to communicate with. By identifying our communication type and recognising others who may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, we can acknowledge the barriers of communication and introduce ways to reduce their adverse effects .

Fran concluded the event by highlighting that the lens in which we see ourselves can be completely different to that in which others perceive us – this can change due to a number of factors including the topic being discussed.

The event concluded with an audience Q&A and closing remarks from Emma Marsh, Marketing Account Manager and co-chair of the DWF Global Young Professionals Network. Emma concluded, "That was a really interesting session and I certainly learnt a lot about myself. It has been thoroughly interesting and insightful to learn about the potential impacts of different communication styles and the influence these can have upon professional situations, particularly in a virtual environment". 

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