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Retail, Food, and Hospitality Regulatory Update 7 July

09 July 2019
Retail, Food, and Hospitality Regulatory Update w/e 7 July: Advertising watchdog rejection, EU developments on environmental contaminants, and gambling business pledge. 

Important Updates

Advertising watchdog rejects ‘End of season sale save up to 70% off on High Street prices' claim:The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint re Samuel Windsor on the basis that reductions claimed in an ‘end of season sale’ were not against its own previous prices and also that there was a lack of substantiation of ‘high street prices’ from which reductions were claimed. View >


EU developments on environmental and industrial contaminants, persistent organic pollutants and agricultural contaminants of food:The Food Standards Agency has published a detailed roundup up of latest policy and regulatory developments on Acrylamide, 3MCPD, Perchlorate, Furans and Methyl Furans, Cadmium, Ergot Alkaloids, Tropane Alkaloids, Erucic Acid, Dioxins and PCB’s based on EU member state working group discussions (from which the UK may well be excluded post-Brexit). The EU is actively formulating plans to lower or introduce maximum levels for these chemicals in various foods which will impact on EU market access if the UK does not adopt the new limits. View >


Gambling businesses pledge £100m to tackle problem gambling: The Secretary of State at the Department for Digital, Media, Communities and Sport has made a statement to Parliament setting out a pledge of £100m over four years by the five major UK gambling firms to help fund support to problem gamblers. View >

As the industry gears up to face increasingly aggressive Government action, the Association of British Bookmakers is combining with the Remote Gambling Association to form a new body the 'Betting and Gaming Council' to be chaired by Brigid Simmonds OBE. View >

The Gambling Commission has enlisted an international research body the ‘Gambling Research Exchange' to assist in building its evidence base. The Gambling Commission has also published guidance for businesses on lotteries, raffles and tombolas. View >  View > 


Angry reaction to potential review of ‘Sin taxes’:Food pressure groups Sustain and Action on Salt have issued press releases following comments made by Boris Johnson re the soft drinks sugar levy.View >  View >


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The future of town centres

DWF and the Local Government Chronicle conducted a roundtable discussion with experts from across the UK to establish how retailers, landlords, institutional investors and local government can come together to regenerate town centres for the 21st century.


Key retail themes covered include:


As online shopping continues to gain popularity, are artisan retailers and independent traders the answer to bolstering struggling town centres?


How can retailers and property owners work together to turn vacant space and non-income producing assets into value opportunities?


Should ownership and investment in shopping centres sit with local authorities?

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