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Big data, big opportunities

09 September 2018
Big Data | Transport Tech | DWF
The adoption of data analytics has grown exponentially, but concerns over security and privacy remain. Read the second in our series of articles that explores how technology is being harnessed to drive the transport of the future.

To cater for their customers’evolving needs and ever changing market demands, transport companies need to take advantage of digital opportunities and adopt aspects of advanced vehicle-related IT systems and big data analytics to remain competitive.

In our latest survey, 81 per cent of total respondents have already adopted big data analytics. This was most prevalent in air transport (93 per cent). Geographically, the greatest take-up is in North America, at 92 per cent – hardly surprising given the region’s longstanding recognition of the power of data and its potential application in the business of moving goods.

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Delivering the goods: Harnessing technology to drive the transport of the future

We conducted extensive research to assess how Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Electrification are transforming the transport sector. We examined the views of 250 CEOs, CTOs and CLOs from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia Pacific and North America, incorporating perspectives from industry leaders and innovators, as well as legal perspectives from our own experts in Italy, Germany, UK and UAE.

The full report 'Delivering the goods' will launch at the end of September, but you can exclusively receive technology feature articles throughout September. These include: 

  • AI at play: The benefits of using artificial intelligence in transport are clear, but can it live up to the hype?

  • The Block-chain game changer: This nascent technology could change the face of commercial transport, but only once its full potential is unlocked.

  • Power Shift: With the advancement of electric vehicle fleets and the development of electric roads, is this the end for fossil fuels?

Delivering the goods | DWF

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