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Meet Vikki Woodfine

30 May 2018
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Head of Regulatory, Compliance and Investigations, Vikki Woodfine, reveals the best thing about working at DWF.

Name: Vikki Woodfine
Job title: Partner, Head of Regulatory, Compliance and Investigations North West. National Head of Road Haulage & Logistics
Location: UK, Manchester

1. How has your employment journey led you to DWF?

I started my career at Hammonds (now Squire Paton Boggs) before moving to Aaron & Partners in Chester.

I joined DWF as an Assistant Solicitor in 2009 and by 2015 I was a Partner in the business, going through each rank on the way and having my first child in that time! I went on to take the role of Head of RCI North West in 2016 and since then had my second child. It's been busy!

2. What is the best thing about working here?

Without doubt my favourite part of my job is working within the team that I am in. The RCI team consists of not only some of the best regulatory lawyers in the country, but the nicest and most loyal people you will meet. We work in crisis management with can be fast-paced, consuming and highly emotional. Every single person in our team has each other's back, nobody is left alone to struggle.

DWF as a whole is made up of real people. Being great lawyers is a given, but it is the greatness of the personalities that makes DWF for me.

It is a true meritocracy and I feel grateful for that every day.

3. What has been your proudest moment at DWF so far?

My proudest result was being part of the defence team that secured the first ever acquittal for a corporate manslaughter case following a trial in Norwich Crown Court in 2014.

However, on a personal level, making Partner within six months of my return to work after maternity leave, having come back on a part-time and flexible basis still makes me feel proud, not only of myself but also as an indication of the kind of firm that DWF is.

4. What is different about working at DWF?

DWF for me offers the best of all worlds in my practice area. I represent private clients, corporates and insurers, meaning that I get to see a full spectrum of instructions. Working at DWF gives me access to working on some of the biggest crises and disasters in the country, allowing me to build experience and profile in the very largest of cases in my practice area.

5. How has DWF offered to support your development?

DWF has never held me back and has supported me in everything that I have wanted to do. If you can justify it, you can do it!

6. How do you get involved with activities or projects that are outside of your role?

DWF supports anything that you wish to do in this area in my experience and offers plenty of opportunities to widen your experience beyond the law.

7. In three words, how would you describe DWF?

My work family.