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Meet Jason Dunning

25 October 2018
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Principal Consultant, Jason Dunning, talks about how proud he is to work for DWF.

Name: Jason Dunning
Job title: Principal Consultant – DWF Consulting (Connected Services)
Location: UK, Manchester;

1. How has your employment journey led you to DWF?

Someone who I used to work with in a completely different industry approached me. I had never heard of DWF before and knew very little about private practice of the legal industry as an outsider looking in.

2. What is the best thing about working here?

The people and the opportunities.

Opportunity – firstly, im not just talking opportunity in the firm, but as an industry as a whole too. DWF are very open to try and develop new products, new thinking and new ways to differentiate themselves in the market. It's rare to see a company actually follow through on ideas and back their people to do so. This is turn creates opportunities and offers exciting opportunities to begin new challenges. If you're creative enough, innovative enough and passionate enough – you'll spot them.

People – being around the right people is what gets me up out of bed in the morning and DWF broke my preconceived expectations of what a law firm would typically be like. Of course you get the odd dreary soul, but for the most part people want to help, do a great job and have fun doing it – what is there not to like?

3. What has been your proudest moment at DWF so far?

Creating our own opportunity to develop a new service offering (DWF Consulting) that no other law firm has done. We have had the backing and support for from the firm to try and do something different. I could not be more grateful, nor proud of the company I work for this reason. Having instilled their belief in me, has in turn, given me the mindset that would do anything in my power to help them in return.

4. What is different about working at DWF?

Their ability to create opportunities for their clients through their people. As an employee you have a freedom to service the customer/client in the best way possible. If there is a valid reason behind why you want to do something – the firm listens. This is invaluable to empowerment, decision making and the ability to do right by the client for the sake of DWF as a whole.

5. How has DWF offered to support your development?

See question 3. Having a fully fledged incubator service I have been able to tap into DWF's marketing team, bids team, brand team, relationship management and business development teams – as well as many others – to support a new venture that can offer clients something new.

6. How do you get involved with activities or projects that are outside of your role?

Every year we want to get involved with charity work and because im so engaged with the firm (through the reasons mentioned above) I am more than happy to give my time if it helps bolster the firms image.

7. In three words, how would you describe DWF?

Innovative. Dynamic. Fearless.