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The Procurement Act 2023 – Framework Agreements and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Date: 04 June 2024, 11:00 - 12:00
Location: GoToWebinar
The Procurement Act 2023 retains closed Framework Agreements alongside a new Open Framework Agreement which has been introduced to provide additional flexibility to appoint new suppliers during an extended term. In addition, Dynamic Markets have replaced Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) and Qualification Systems (Utilities). The Dynamic Markets tool is a flexible, highly commercial tool suited to agile environments. They operate as lists of qualified suppliers who are eligible for future competitions and it will have many of the same features as the current DPS but will be more widely available for all types of purchases of works, suppliers and services.

Event details

The purpose of the webinar is to discuss:

  • which commercial tool is most likely to fit your procurement needs;
  • how to set up and operate a Framework Agreement, Open Framework Agreement, and Dynamic Markets, including advice on:
    • the timing and contents of notices (PPN, Preliminary market engagement, tender notices, dynamic market notices, contract award notice, contract details notices) required to comply with transparency requirements;
    • how Open Frameworks will be re-opened for competition;
    • how Dynamic Markets will be set up and operate;
    • how contracts can be lawfully awarded;
    • lots/categorisation of goods, services and works; and
    • duration, fees charged for use, estimating the value and moderation of Framework Agreements and Dynamic Markets and who can set up and call off.

In short, this webinar will provide a practical session to support procurement professionals, legal teams and finance officers on how to support their ongoing procurement of goods, works and services in accordance with the Procurement Act 2023.



  • Ciaran Wells
  • Colin Murray